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About Dr. Gary Adams

Adams is vice president of Economics & Policy Analysis with the National Cotton Council.

Doha Negotiations on Wrong Track

Recent press reports from the World Trade Organization (WTO) should give not only U.S. cotton, but all of U.S. agriculture, serious concerns. Even though formal negotiations have been in somewhat of a suspended state since last year’s unsuccessful attempts by WTO Director General Pascal Lamy to broker a trade agreement, it is clear that much

Cotton Demand Facing Difficult Climate

By their very definition, markets are places where parties with competing goals come together. Sellers are trying to sell at the highest price possible while buyers want to buy at the lowest price possible. Cotton prices are always in a constant tug-of-war between the various market forces affecting supply and demand. It’s clear that the

Changes in Limitations Will Undermine Farm Policy.

The National Cotton Council is intensifying efforts to maintain effective farm policy. This means preserving the basic structure and support levels of current law and strongly opposing changes in existing limitations. Limits on benefits that work only for the smallest of farms and eligibility tests that disqualify individuals because they don’t drive a tractor will