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Schrimpf is the Group Editor for the CropLife Media Group at Meister Media Worldwide, with full editorial responsibility for CropLife, CropLife IRON, Cotton Grower and PrecisionAg Special Reports.

Coley Wins Cotton Grower Achievement Award

In 1980, a 23-year old Chuck Coley found himself fully in charge of a highly complex and integrated cotton operation following the death of his father, Sonny. Some 30 years later, Chuck finds himself in a remarkably similar but happier position, himself alive and reveling in bringing his own college educated son into the cotton

Precision Ag: Making Wireless Work

Wireless technology is bringing enhanced efficiency and connectivity to agriculture, and the Cotton Belt is no exception. Growers can more easily connect with equipment in the field in ways that improve efficiency, streamline maintenance, and in some cases allow data to flow seamlessly from cab to office and back. In this edition of Cotton Grower

Rising From The Ashes

The Ag InfoTech team grew by two this year as a result of a joint venture with Town & Country Coop. From left, Tim Norris and Matt Dugan were joined by Matt Culler and Jeff Studer. A brand new trailer that was being repurposed into a precision technology display on wheels was among the property

Growing The Business

Tim Norris, president of Ag Info Tech LLC, hopes that cellular-based RTK signals (transmitted from towers like the one to the right in this picture) will provide RTK service to customers unable to take advantage of the tower network he manages. In 2004, Tim Norris was an Ohio-based agronomist and ag technology expert that had