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Unraveling the Common Thread

January 22, 2015

Cotton Grower is launching an initiative to showcase a broader view of the cotton industry.

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Common Thread

Working to Overcome an Uneasy Alliance

May 11, 2016

As the public becomes more aware of pollinator health, beekeepers and cotton producers come under more scrutiny.

Common Thread

Examining Cotton’s Points of Interest

April 4, 2016

Experts tackle key issues impacting cotton during Cotton Grower's Common Thread Luncheon.

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Look for Savings in the Right Places

March 1, 2016

In a tight market, cotton growers should look for smart savings and efficiencies during the growing season.

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Turning Up the Buzz

July 14, 2015

A White House plan offers more protection for pollinators and monarchs, without major impact for U.S. agriculture.

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Dealing With Drought: Reducing Drought’s Impact

June 5, 2015

Some promising water management studies could help maximize yields and protect cotton acres.

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Dealing With Drought: A Tale of Two States

June 3, 2015

Despite recent rainfall in Texas, drought continues to take its toll on U.S. cotton production.

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CCI Continues to Successfully Build Global Demand for U.S. Cotton

May 18, 2015

After nearly 60 years, Cotton Council International keeps on building demand for U.S. cotton around the world.

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MAKE OR BREAK: Silver Linings for U.S. Cotton Acres

April 3, 2015

According to O.A. Cleveland, high yields and demand for quality top the reasons to grow cotton in 2015.

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MAKE OR BREAK: Living Under the “Volcano” of China’s Cotton Policies

April 1, 2015

Joe Nicosia says that China’s plan to reduce massive cotton stocks could challenge the cotton market for years to come.

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The Buzz Continues Over Pollinator Health

March 24, 2015

With a federal plan for honey bee protection in the works, the U.S. cotton industry points to successes and braces for more challenges.

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Defensive Specialist Helps Blunt Impact of Cotton Leaf Curl Virus

March 9, 2015

Dr. Jodi Scheffler’s work is helping solve problems and improve cotton production around the world.