Bayer Cotton Belt Challenge Returns

Bayer Cotton Belt Challenge Returns

The popular Bayer CropScience Cotton Belt Challenge – an achievement program that recognizes U.S. growers who plant at least 50 acres of FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed and produce high-yielding and high-quality cotton – is returning for a second season.

Winners will be recognized in two categories – highest yield and highest quality – for both irrigated and dryland cotton in 12 different regions. Growers can enter by filling out an official entry form and submitting their gin receipts. All entries must be postmarked by February 3, 2014.


All regional irrigated and dryland winners in the yield and fiber quality categories will receive 10,000 Innovation Plus points – a $500 value. From those regional winners, two grand prize drawings – one for irrigated and one for dryland – will be conducted for a custom 4WD Bad Boy Buggies Ambush vehicle.

“Cotton production varies across the United States, depending on weather, irrigation, soil type, pest pressure and other factors,” said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. product manager for FiberMax and Stoneville cotton. “We want to recognize successful cotton production in diverse regional scenarios, and the Bayer CropScience Cotton Belt Challenge gives growers a chance to be rewarded by region for producing high-yielding and high-quality cotton.”

To qualify, growers must submit their yield and quality results from a minimum of 50 acres and verify their production through gin receipts. Yield is based on ginned lint yield, and quality is based on USDA loan value. If any portion of a field is irrigated, then the entry must be in the irrigated category.

Regions for the contest are:

  • California and Arizona (irrigated only)
  • Central and Southern Rolling Plains and Trans-Pecos area of the Southwest
  • Far North High Plains, North High Plains, North Rolling Plains and Oklahoma
  • South and East Texas
  • Georgia, South Alabama and North Florida
  • Tennessee and North Alabama
  • South Arkansas and Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Central Arkansas
  • Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas
  • Virginia and Northeast North Carolina
  • Central North Carolina and South Carolina

“With two new Stoneville GLB2 varieties released in 2013 – ST 4946GLB2 and ST 6448GLB2 – and newer FiberMax varieties like FM 1944GLB2 performing well across the Cotton Belt, we anticipate a lot of entries for this year’s challenge,” Brehmer said. “Growers have achieved remarkable yields as they work with our agronomists and sales representatives to plant the right FiberMax or Stoneville varieties on their farms and to fine tune their management practices.”

For more contest information, including copies of the Official Rules and Entry Form, contact any Bayer CropScience representative or find them online at cottonbeltchallenge.com.

Source – Bayer CropScience