EPA Approves MANA’s SkyRaider Insecticide/Miticide

Skyraider insecticide/miticide, manufactured by MANA, has received approval by the EPA for broad-spectrum control against soil and foliar insects on cotton, soybeans and other crops.

Skyraider is an optimized formulation that includes two different modes of action – an increased ratio of a pyrethroid to support rapid insect knockdown and a neonicotinoid for longer lasting residual activity. In extensive field trials, the product has demonstrated highly efficacious control of tough-to-manage pests like aphids, Lygus species, stink bugs and wireworms at a level equal to or better than competitive products.

Skyraider provides both translaminar and systemic movement, which allows improved penetration and relocation of the active ingredients throughout the plant, including feeding sites on the underside of leaves.

“With this kind of systemic activity, Skyraider has a clear-cut advantage in controlling foliar insects, including aphids,” said Dave Rummel, MANA brand leader. “At recommended rates, it also controls mites, which several competitors don’t support as part of their insect control lineup.”

The Skyraider formulation and packaging makes handling and preparation simple for growers and applicators, in comparison to other insecticide inputs.

“The formulation is easy to use and offers a more optimized use rate, while protecting the grower’s investment along with time savings,” Rummel added. “It also offers the convenience of one product for multiple crop uses.

“Skyraider will be a critical tool for growers who want protection from high levels of insect infestation. And, with two different modes of action in a single application, it’s a perfect fit in a complete insect management program.”

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