HUMA GRO Adds New Boron Liquid Nutrient Formulation for Crops

HUMA GRO Adds New Boron Liquid Nutrient Formulation for Crops

BORO-MAX, a new boron (B) 10 percent liquid nutrient formulation, has been added to the Huma Gro product line.

BORO-MAX was developed at the request of growers who needed a higher-concentration version of boron and replaces the company’s previous five percent concentration boron product. The product can be foliar- or soil-applied.


The micronutrient boron is required for cell division, plant metabolism, cell structure, sugar transport, pollination and seed development. In particular, it is required for cell division and normal tissue differentiation and maturation, and it functions with calcium to form an “intercellular cement” to maintain plant structural integrity.

A number of row crops – including cotton – and other specialty crops have specific boron needs. Deficiency symptoms vary among crop species, but generally occur in the growing points or flower and fruiting parts of the plant.

As with other Huma Gro liquid plant nutrition products, BORO-MAX is complexed with Micro Carbon Technology to make it more efficient than standard boron supplements. Micro Carbon Technology is a proprietary blend of very small organic molecules that enables more effective absorption of nutrients by plants through the roots, as well as through the leaves when foliar-applied. This means smaller amounts of product are needed to meet plant nutrient needs, allowing growers to make fewer field passes, require less storage and mixing capacity and save application time.

More information about BORO-MAX or other HUMA GRO products can be found online.


Source – HUMA GRO