Maximizer Club Honors Top FiberMax Dryland Growers

Maximizer Club Honors Top FiberMax Dryland Growers

More than 100 cotton growers qualified for the inaugural class of the FiberMax Maximizer Club, which recognizes growers with dryland cotton yields of least 1,000 pounds per acre with FiberMax varieties in 2016.

“The three legs of the stool that support dryland production are science, art and environment,” says Jason Wistehuff, U.S. product manager for FiberMax cotton. “Bayer provides consistently high-performing FiberMax varieties, growers add knowledge and experienced management skill, and we all cross our fingers that Mother Nature cooperates.


“Yet, even when everything goes right, averaging 1,000 pounds or more per dryland acre is remarkable. Congratulations to our charter Maximizer Club members.”

The highest yield among the 121 growers who qualified for the FiberMax Maximizer Club – 1,553 pounds per acre – was recorded by Charlie Fisher of Sudan, TX.

Donald Houser Farms JV of Taft, TX, earned the highest loan value, garnering $0.0575.

Kim and Kerry Garrison of Amarillo, TX, qualified the most acres for the club, harvesting dryland yields averaging 1,000 pounds per acre or more on 589 acres.

Barry Street of Claytonville, TX, won the sweepstakes drawing for a Polaris Ranger XP 1000 EPS.

Street, who also owns Street Community Gin, says he can tell the difference between FiberMax and other varieties when the gin is running.

“Every time we switch to another customer or another variety, I come down and check the leaf trash, the color, just to see how it’s ginning,” he says. “By far, you can always pick out the FiberMax varieties. They’re easy to gin and just good quality.”

More information about the FiberMax Maximizer Club can be found online.


Source – Bayer