Nufarm Announces CATS Herbicide Products for Resistant Weed Control

Nufarm Announces CATS Herbicide Products for Resistant Weed Control

Nufarm has announced a new line of herbicide products that will offer cotton, soybean, peanut and corn growers effective, economical options for controlling herbicide resistant/tolerant weed species at all phases of the growing season.

The CATS (Combating Troublesome Species) herbicide line will provide a range of solutions that will deliver control of numerous herbicide-tolerant or -resistant species in cotton, soybeans and corn.


Studies at the University of Tennessee and other institutions have shown that the rapid spread of herbicide-resistant weeds costs crop producers millions of dollars in terms of additional herbicide inputs, management costs and lost yields. But growers can limit yield loss with smart weed management strategies, according to Bob Bruss, technical services manager with Nufarm.

“The key to managing resistant weeds is to use multiple modes of herbicide action at different times,” says Bruss. “Nufarm’s CATS solutions platform will provide an easy way for growers to do that.”

Base herbicides in the CATS line include PANTHER, a pre-emergent, residual herbicide for broad-spectrum weed control in cotton, corn and soybeans, and CHEETAH, a non-selective herbicide with a unique mode of action. Various combinations of these brand herbicides with other active ingredients are planned, beginning in 2014.

“For the 2014 season, we’re very excited about CHEETAH MAX,” says Jerome Kovar, row crop marketing manager for Nufarm. “It provides an effective combination of fast knockdown and residual control that make it a great fit in a wide variety of weed management strategies.”

CHEETAH MAX provides fast, broad-spectrum burndown with residual control. It helps provide a foundation for better planting conditions to keep fields clean through early post-emerge applications, ensure optimum yield potential and inhibit development of herbicide-resistant weed populations.

University testing has shown that CHEETAH MAX helps control resistant waterhemp, Palmer amaranth and marestail.

Additional CATS herbicides are scheduled for market introduction in 2015. Visit the Nufarm website for more information.


Source – Nufarm