Zidua Herbicide Now Labeled for Residual Weed Control at Layby

BASF has issued a supplemental label for use of Zidua herbicide in post-directed layby applications for weed control in cotton.

Zidua – which contains the active ingredient pyroxasulfone – is a selective residual herbicide for control of annual grass weeds, sedges and annual broadleaf weeds. According to the supplemental label, the product can be applied as a broadcast-directed spray between cotton rows from the five-leaf stage to beginning bloom stage for residual control of weeds that may germinate after application.

Zidua is not labeled for over-the-top application in cotton. Use of hooded or shielded sprayers is recommended to avoid potential plant injury.

Used alone, Zidua will not control emerged weeds. It will, however, provide residual activity when used in a tank mix or sequential treatment with Prowl, Sharpen, glufosinate or glyphosate for control of active-growing weeds.

Growers should not apply more than 2.1 ounces per acre of Zidua in a single application. The label restricts maximum per acre applications to no more than 4.2 ounces per season.

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