The movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” introduced us to a talking computer named HAL. If you saw the movie, you know HAL was not very user friendly. Plus, it’s doubtful that HAL could fit on the back of a module truck.

Stanley Kubrick’s classic came out in 1968, and now, 39 years later, your PDA can out-process HAL and it fits in the palm of your hand.

Leave HAL at the theater and take a look at what’s new in 2007.


AgLeader will be offering a complete precision-ag lineup with its Insight display and SMS software.

The lineup starts with SeedCommand in the Insight display which allows growers to map different varieties in the field. SeedCommand also utilizes AutoSwath to automatically turn individual planter sections on-and-off on headlands, point rows, waterways, terraces, etc., to help save money and time.

SMS Mobile software allows growers to take the power of the software to the field for all their crop scouting needs. SMS Mobile features a boundary, general logging and coverage. A soil-sampling mode will be available this fall.

DirectCommand gives growers control over all their application needs including rate and boom-section control. AutoSwath automatically turns individual boom sections on-and-off to help save input costs.

For harvest the Insight display now features a cotton yield monitoring system. The Insight display provides the grower with a real-time yield map making it easy to see changes in yield as they happen. SMS desktop software pulls everything together for the grower. The software allows the grower to analyze the information gathered during their field operations to help them make profitable business decisions.

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InTime introduces two new crop management solutions to accompany its popular Vari-Scout product:
• Vari-N facilitates variable-rate nitrogen applications based on specific field conditions. By applying only the appropriate rates to various sections of the field, growers produce a more manageable crop with less input costs. Many growers have reduced their nitrogen costs by double digit percentages, often amounting to 30% or more, while maintaining high yields.
• Vari-Soil delineates and maps soil type changes within a field. This product replaces grid-sampling methods with zone sampling techniques based on soil characteristics, significantly reducing sampling and sampling costs. Vari-Soil also facilitates variable-rate applications of fertilizers, seed and soil-applied herbicides. Vari-Soil helps growers nullify the variability of their soils, resulting in more efficient input management, greater crop uniformity and higher yields.

InTime, Inc., based in Cleveland, MS, utilizes a patented process of aerial imaging and proprietary web-based software to create and deliver to growers specific crop management solutions.

InTime services customers coast-to-coast in the major agriculture regions of the U.S. To learn more about InTime and its products, visit or call 866-843-0235.

Kelly Registrations Systems

Kelly Registrations Systems’s Knowtify software simplifies data for U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state-regulated products and keeps agriculture professionals informed of changes within the industry. Knowtify offers three solutions:
• Automatic e-mail/text message updates
• Research and product comparisons
• In-depth document searches

“We found that a lot of people with a vested interest in regulated products were spending a great deal of time and energy looking for information,” says Stuart Edmondson, chief technology officer, Kelly Registration Systems. “Knowtify simplifies information and organizes it in an easy-to-use push/pull system so users get the information they want or need the moment it becomes available.”

The automated update service informs users of changes with regulated products, licensed businesses and licensed individuals. Users receive a text message and/or email when EPA adds, removes, or modifies a registered product or company.

Users select specific categories to narrow their updates so they only receive the information they want. Categories include: New products, deleted or cancelled products, new pests associated with products, new sites associated with products, new active ingredients, new companies and deleted or cancelled companies.

For more localized information, users select state-specific updates in the same categories. All state-specific notifications are dependent upon the frequency of updates from individual states.

Kelly Registration Systems offers a free online demo and a 30-day trial of Knowtify:

Raven Industries

Raven Industries’ newest product is the Autoboom Glide series, a height-control system that provides hydraulic leveling and height control of agricultural spray booms.

With this new series, Raven provides a wide range of control options for boom leveling, as well as two higher-end systems. The new Glide series is modeled after previous G1 and G2 Autoboom systems, but with simplified installation, calibration, and operation processes and can now be operated through the Viper, Envizio Plus and SCS 4000 Series controllers.
• The PowerGlide system features a compact, easy-to-use console and independent left and right engaging. It works with trailed or self-propelled sprayers, and is upgradable to the PowerGlide Plus or UltraGlide system.
• The PowerGlide Plus system is modeled after the previous G1 Autoboom system, using the new suspension wheel design to detect the ground. The PowerGlide Plus features easy installation and calibration processes.
• The UltraGlide system is modeled after the previous G2 Autoboom system, featuring ultrasonic sensors, one-button calibration and simple installation.

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SST has available a free automatic soil-type download service to all SST Summit and Stratus customers.

When a field is added to Summit, a soil-type map for that field is automatically downloaded, clipped to the field boundary and brought in as a background layer. Currently, about 25% of all U.S. county soil-type maps are in the database, which is constantly being updated.

In the spring of 2007, SST will release a “partial synchronization” feature to its already widely used SyncNow functionality. The new release will enable Summit users to instantaneously share portions of their Summit data with any Summit user of their choosing. For instance, for a father-and-son cotton operation where both men use Summit, the father and son could sync all the data in one Summit to the other while sending a portion, such as planting data, to a seed dealer or crop consultant. In turn, service providers could send any farm-related data and information to the specific growers. All this can be done simply by clicking the SyncNow button.

SST Summit and SST Stratus comprise a complete package for desktop and mobile mapping, record-keeping and reporting. For more information call SST Sales at 1-888-377-5334, or see:


Topcon’s X20 Spray Rate Controller is one of the most powerful precision ag systems available. The X20 can perform functions from rate control of liquid, granular, NH3 or chemical injection of up to 5 independent channels for single or multiple product variable rate and the ability to independently control up to 30 sections for additional efficiency gains. All from a Windows based full-color touch screen and all at the same time.

The X20 is compatible with both GPS and DGPS receivers and offers accuracy from entry-level GPS (DGPS, WAAS, and subscription systems), to Real-time Kinetic (RTK) radio systems offering a range of accuracy for any application.

Auto Section Control, a standard feature reduces operator fatigue, increases accuracy and reduces chemical costs, providing real cost savings while helping to protect the environment. With optional Variable Rate Control and Mapping, the X20 can apply prescriptions and generate real-time application/log maps while controlling and recording all products simultaneously. Users can create exclusion zones, set application rates, and even lock-in settings before the operator leaves the yard. Logs and maps can be saved, printed or even e-mailed using standard Windows® programs (additional hardware/software may be required). You can also make your own prescription maps from the spray cab, matched to the field history and physical features of your property.

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Trimble introduces the new AgGPS Implement Steering system for keeping implements pulled by tractors using the Trimble RTK Autopilot automated steering systems on the same repeatable path, even on extremely sloped fields.

The system includes its own implement-mounted GPS receiver and T3 roll-compensated control system. A single display in the tractor communicates desired path information to the implement, instantly adjusting the steerable coulters. This information instructs the implement to directly follow in the path of the tractor.

“By solving the problem of side draft, the new AgGPS Implement Steering system allows growers with RTK-corrected AgGPS Autopilot systems to steer their implements with the same repeatable accuracy as their tractors. This includes operations with high-value crops on level ground or crops planted on slopes,” says Erik Arvesen, general manager, Trimble Agriculture Division.

The new AgGPS Implement Steering design includes components of the Tracker IV implement guidance system from Orthman Manufacturing Incorporated of Lexington, NE. “Combining the precision and durability of the Tracker IV with Trimble’s leadership in GPS positioning results in the agriculture industry’s most advanced implement guidance system,” says John McCoy, Orthman president.

For more information, see Trimble’s web site:

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