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Using Cows to Battle Pigweed?

August 12, 2011

Mark Burkett says he’ll keep trying to tame glyphosate-resistant pigweed ‘til the cows come home.   “We’re making some progress

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Making Mid-Season Weed Decisions

August 12, 2011

By mid-season, most growers know the level of glyphosate resistance in their fields.    “You’re going to have to start

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Putting a Hood On Resistance

June 22, 2011

Not too long ago, someone suggested that maybe it was time to pull some of the old hooded sprayers out

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Syngenta Enhances ResistanceFighter.com Website

June 21, 2011

Recently enhanced to improve user experience and offer new interactive tools, ResistanceFighter.com offers the latest information regarding weed resistance. Available tools

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Fighting Weed Resistance in the Mid-South

May 13, 2011

As most growers in the Southeast and Mid-South are now aware, the fight against glyphosate-resistance is all-encompassing. Seemingly every year,

Fending Off Weed Resistance

April 20, 2011

Dr. Wayne Keeling, weed scientist with Texas A&M University, was a featured speaker on the TechTour to discuss how Texas

Giving Growers Flexibility in Herbicide Selection

April 20, 2011

Bayer CropScience Trait Development Specialist Gary Henniger spent much of 2010 running a barrage of tests on the new GlyTol varieties.

Weed Management & Resistance

April 11, 2011

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Main: The Pros and Cons of Ignite, Widestrike Combo

March 18, 2011

By Dr. Chris Main Cotton and Small Grains Specialist University of Tennessee Articles fill the pages of agriculture publications promoting

Raising a Red Flag Over Ignite, WideStrike Combo

March 3, 2011

PhytoGen’s WideStrike seed varieties and Bayer CropScience’s Ignite herbicide chemistry have both enjoyed widespread popularity in recent years. In that

Willmar Introduces New Hooded Sprayer to Combat Resistant Weeds

February 22, 2011

Willmar Fabrication introduces the 915 Hooded Sprayer, the industry’s newest weapon in the fight against resistant pigweed. “The 915 Hooded

Residual Herbicides: What Length of Control is Enough?

February 15, 2011

Preemergence residual herbicides are topping researchers’ recommendations for resistance management and overall weed strategy programs this spring. But with several

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Spring Decisions Determine Weed Control Success

March 6, 2018

Enlist crops support multiple modes of action for clean cotton and soybean fields.

Weed Control

Keeping Texas Weed Pests Under Control

February 20, 2018

A positive year of weed management with new dicamba technologies bodes well for Texas cotton growers in 2018.

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Online Training for Auxin Use in AR Now Open

February 20, 2018

Online training is open for Arkansas farmers seeking the mandatory license for ground applications of any dicamba or Enlist 2,4-D

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TX Auxin Training Gets Reciprocal Okay from OK, NM

February 15, 2018

Auxin-specific herbicide training developed by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has received reciprocal approval by Oklahoma and New Mexico, allowing producers that operate in those states to attend one training to meet regulatory requirements.

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Keep Young Cotton Out of Battle with Pigweed

February 2, 2018

In South Texas, an early season fight against pigweed can keep your young crop out of a losing battle.

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Hit the Target Website Helps Reduce Crop Injury Issues

January 23, 2018

While Texas cotton and soybean growers complete application training for new auxin formulations, the education is being extended to help producers with sensitive or susceptible crops protect their investments.

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Tennessee Sets Dates for Dicamba Stewardship Training

January 15, 2018

Dicamba Stewardship training sessions will be held throughout Tennessee from mid-January through early March, with online training available soon.

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Tennessee Proposes New Requirements for Dicamba Use

December 12, 2017

The Tennessee Department of Agriculture is proposing additional rules and requirements for use of new dicamba herbicides in cotton and soybeans.

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Missouri Sets Dicamba Cut-Off Dates for 2018

November 28, 2017

The Missouri Department of Agriculture is putting guidelines and restrictions in place for in-crop use of new dicamba formulations in 2018.

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Arkansas Stands Firm on In-Season Dicamba Ban

November 9, 2017

The Arkansas State Plant Board voted November 8 to restrict the use of new dicamba products in the state for a second consecutive year.

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No Pesticide Drift Complaints in Georgia in 2017

October 26, 2017

No official pesticide drift complaints due to in-season applications of dicamba or 2,4-D have been reported to the Georgia Department of Agriculture in 2017.