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There and Back Again

January 27, 2011

By Scott Stiles Extension Economist University of Arkansas In some respects the fundamentals of the cotton market today are similar

Market Analysis

Runaway Prices

January 27, 2011

By Carl G. Anderson Professor Emeritus Texas A&M University The market environment of the U.S. cotton industry is being restructured

Market Analysis

Noted Economists Offer Risk Management Advice in Memphis

January 25, 2011

Farmers have the opportunity to discuss critical market-based price risk strategies with some of the brightest minds in the industry

Market Analysis

Cleveland: Fundamentals Still Supporting the Market

January 18, 2011

By Dr. O. A. Cleveland Professor Emeritus, Mississippi State University For Bayer CropScience Last week’s release of the January USDA

Market Analysis

Cotton Specialists Expect Acreage Boom in 2011

January 4, 2011

If state cotton specialists’ initial estimates are correct, cotton will see a substantial surge in acreage for the 2011 growing

Cotton Futures Could See Biggest Yearly Gain Since 1973

January 4, 2011

By Debarati Roy Bloomberg Cotton rose, heading for the biggest annual gain since 1973, as inventories plunged, adverse weather damaged

Comparing Today’s Cotton Market to the Mid-1990s

December 28, 2010

In some respects the fundamentals of the cotton market today are similar to those of the mid-1990s. World ending stocks

There Are Sunny Times Ahead for U.S. Agriculture

December 9, 2010

If the research of internationally renowned author Joel Kotkin is accurate, agriculture will be a growth industry in the United

Future Bright for U.S. Agriculture Industry

December 7, 2010

Dr. Seshadri Ramkumar Texas Tech University Agriculture will be a growth industry in the United States for the next forty

Why Cotton Prices Will Not Go Down

December 7, 2010

By Dr. O. A. Cleveland Professor Emeritus, Mississippi State University For Bayer CropScience Cotton prices have enjoyed the most fantastic

Dollar Cotton for How Long?

December 7, 2010

I remember an amusing story about a group of grain traders traveling to Russia with the expectations of making a

‘Pass the Buck’ Cotton Stories to Continue

November 22, 2010

By Roger Haldenby Plains Cotton Growers A month ago December ’10 cotton was at $1.09. As the market shot spaceward

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Market Analysis

Little Price Movement as Market Watches Planting, China

May 2, 2016

There was scarce cotton news the market found interesting in the past week. Now, all eyes are on Mother Nature and the Chinese cotton auction for price direction.

Market Analysis

Cleveland: Chinese Program Providing Market Stability, Price Boost

April 25, 2016

Cotton prices continue to advance, thanks to stability from an unlikely source – China.

Market Analysis

Shurley on Cotton: Recent Events and Market Direction

April 22, 2016

Although it’s a painful time for cotton right now, there are potential positive factors on the horizon that could eventually lead to better prices.

Market Analysis

Bulls and Bears Collide in Eventful Market Week

April 18, 2016

An exciting, bullish week for cotton prices turned bearish, as prices ran ahead of demand, the Chinese announced reserve sale plans, and USDA released its April WASDE report.

Market Analysis

Prices Tick Upward as Demand Debate Continues

April 11, 2016

Cotton prices moved higher in New York at week’s end. But all O.A. Cleveland heard about were his comments on Adidas and demand. So naturally, there’s more.

Market Analysis

Shurley on Cotton: Trying to Decipher the Numbers

April 4, 2016

Spending a little time discussing acres planted is fine for now. But it will all come down to how the weather impacts planted acres, and what happens during the growing season.

Market Analysis

Of Demand, Adidas and Planting Intentions

April 4, 2016

The market wants to make a major move. USDA says cotton acres will be will up. Yet demand remains the only game in town – everything else is window dressing.

Market Analysis

Riding Out Cotton’s Flooded Market

April 2, 2016

Joe Nicosia says better days are coming. But American cotton must persevere as China finally unloads its massive reserves.

Market Analysis

Cleveland: All Eyes on USDA Planting Intentions

March 28, 2016

As prices remain unchanged and China remains quiet, the cotton market awaits the USDA planting intentions report for possible good news.

Market Analysis

China Still Sits Heavy on the Market

March 21, 2016

Chinese reserve stocks still sit as a heavy hat on cotton prices, providing little reason to break above the 59-cent price resistance.

Market Analysis

Cleveland: Quality Premiums Are Coming

March 13, 2016

The quality premium for U.S. cotton has been holding steady, but improvement is on the horizon. Hold for it.