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Plexus: NY Futures Come Under Pressure

September 18, 2012

 Plexus Cotton Market Report The market’s 3-month uptrend, which began on June 4 from a low of 64.61 cents, has

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Cleveland: Guarded Optimism for Cotton Futures

September 11, 2012

Cotton prices bounced back and forth all week as the market continued to look for some significant indicator in which

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Plexus: No Momentum in Cotton Market

September 11, 2012

NY futures continued to trade sideways this week, with December giving up 95 points to close at 75.99 cents. The

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O.A. Cleveland: Cotton Prices Supported by China

September 6, 2012

Cotton prices were up and down all week as competing fundamentals moved the market as if it were a chess

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Plexus: Don’t Read Too Much Into Cotton Market Gains

September 4, 2012

NY futures went nowhere this week, as December edged up just 14 points to close at 76.94 cents. After dropping

Cleveland: Cotton Market Chess

September 4, 2012

Cotton prices were up and down all week as competing fundamentals moved the market as if it were a chess

Cleveland: Indian Monsoon Sets Stage for Price Rally

August 28, 2012

The current rally will continue to fight for higher ground, but the closer it gets to 80 cents the rougher

Cleveland: Cotton Dips on Bearish Fundamentals

August 21, 2012

The dog days of August finally hit the cotton market as activity was limited during the week, and trading volume

Cleveland: USDA Report Throws Curve Balls at the Market

August 14, 2012

USDA threw nothing but curve balls at the cotton market with its August supply demand report, releasing a bearish report

Q3 Preview: Evaluating the Impact of China’s Cotton Reserve

August 7, 2012

The global supply and demand of cotton can be affected by many variables (such as macroeconomic factors and inclement weather),

Cleveland: Signs Pointing to Brighter Days for the Cotton Market

August 6, 2012

While cotton futures have remained very active the past few months, the wide 65-75 cent trading range seems to have

Plexus: European Economy Impacts Cotton Market

July 31, 2012

NY futures ended the week slightly lower, as December dropped 124 points to close at 71.39 cents. The cotton market

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With Prices Rallying, It’s Time for “Significant Action”

December 8, 2017

The long-awaited rally above 70 cents appeared to mature this week. For those not already priced at 75 cents, it could be time to take significant action.

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Prices Push Above 70 Cents as Demand Remains High

December 2, 2017

Driven by tightening world stocks and led by an ever-increasing world consumption, cotton prices continue to move higher.

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Shurley: Demand Is Key to Price Strength and Stability

November 21, 2017

Demand is the key to cotton's future. We still have a way to go, but the outlook has certainly improved.

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U.S. Sales Booming to Meet Bullish Demand

November 17, 2017

Cotton appears to be caught in a battle between supply and supply. And that keeps prices well positioned to stay where they are.

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Increased Cotton Demand Moving the Market

November 11, 2017

A bullish supply demand report for November proves that demand moves markets. And demand for cotton has resurfaced.

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Cleveland: Yields, Quality, Consumption Still Rising

November 4, 2017

Reports of high yields, premium quality and growing consumption are keeping prices at the higher end of the trading range.

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India and Frost Combine to Prop Up Market

October 27, 2017

India’s plan to keep more of its cotton for domestic use, plus a potential freeze in West Texas, propped up the market during the past week.

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Bears Growling on Harvest and Demand Challenges

October 22, 2017

Although current trading activity represents a bearish price outlook, Dr. O.A. Cleveland still believes the 65 cent price support will hold. . .even though more experts are abandoning that position.

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Shurley: October Numbers Not As Expected, But Prices Hold

October 18, 2017

USDA’s October production and supply and demand estimates are like apples – pick and choose and you’ll find some numbers you like...and some you won’t.

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Trying to Read the Market: Bearish, Neutral or Bullish?

October 13, 2017

After finding USDA’s October WASDE report initially bearish and somewhat neutral, cotton prices went mildly bullish thinking about stronger demand and the real size of the U.S. and foreign crops.

Market Analysis

Examining Loan Program and Rate Changes for 2017

October 9, 2017

Dr. Don Shurley provides an analysis of what changes in the marketing assistance loan for 2017 could mean for cotton growers.