PhytoGen cottonseed helps grower achieve best crop ever

Chris Sparks of Harlingen, Texas, cotton field.
After his best crop ever in 2016, Chris Sparks of Harlingen, Texas, hopes to outbest his best again with PhytoGen® brand varieties in 2017. Photo of CJ Farms in Harlingen, Texas. Photographer Claudia Farr Photography.

For cotton growers across South and Central Texas, outbesting their best each year is no small task. With cotton planting underway in the southern parts of the state, growers explain why they’re again planting PhytoGen® brand varieties in 2017.

Chris Sparks of Harlingen, Texas, says he plants PhytoGen cottonseed varieties for the exceptional grade and quality they consistently produce.

“2016 was our best cotton crop we ever had, both financially and yield wise,” Sparks says. “We had roughly 950 acres of PhytoGen cotton, and it all averaged 3.25 bales. We had some in 2015 that made 3 bales as well. It’s hard to argue with the numbers.”

On one field, Sparks planted both PhytoGen brand varieties PHY 333 WRF and PHY 444 WRF and averaged 3.6 bales. Sparks explains that he’ll follow what he did in 2016 for this year, with one small change.

“Our cotton acreage will be up,” he says, “and we will have more PhytoGen in the ground than last year. PhytoGen 333 is a horse. When it has adequate moisture, proper fertilization and proper plant management, it performs well in many different soil types,” Sparks says.

Numerous growers in 2016 attained their highest historical average yield with the help of PhytoGen® cottonseed. Gary Busse of Lyford, Texas, is yet another producer in the Rio Grande Valley who has experienced the profitability of planting PhytoGen brand varieties firsthand.

Laura, Jack and Chris Sparks of CJ Farms in Harlingen, Texas, chose their field of PhytoGen® brand variety PHY 333 WRF for their 2016 family photos. Photographer Claudia Farr Photography.

“Overall, we were satisfied with the performance of PHY 333 WRF,” Busse says. “We produced an average 3.3 bales per acre. It was the most production we’d ever seen in dryland. In fact, we were satisfied enough that we are going to plant 1,900 acres in 2017.”

Texas trials show record performance
When selecting varieties, consistency is the most important aspect to evaluate. From dryland to irrigated soils, PhytoGen has remained consistent, producing exceptional yields and high-quality cotton year over year. And when it comes to performance of PhytoGen brand varieties across Texas, there’s no arguing with Extension and on-farm trial results.

In 2016 Replicated Agronomic Cotton Evaluation (RACE) trials conducted by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service across South, Central and East Texas, PhytoGen brand varieties performed extremely well.

  • PhytoGen® brand varieties took the top spot for yield in eight of 18 RACE trials.
  • PhytoGen brand variety PHY 312 WRF placed in the top 3 for yield in 11 of the 18 trials.
  • PHY 312 WRF, PHY 333 WRF and PHY 444 WRF all garnered premiums of 3 to 4 cents.

Combined analysis from 2015 and 2016 Monster Trials in the lower and upper Gulf Coast show PhytoGen brand variety PHY 312 WRF as the clear leader in lint yield and loan value, with PHY 333 WRF and PHY 444 WRF following close behind.