Progressive West Texas producers find new solutions for biggest challenges

Jacob Teichroeb, a cotton and peanut farmer near Seminole, Texas, says PhytoGen® brand W3FE varieties and the Enlist™ weed control system helped him keep his fields clean and produce four-bale yields.

Battling sand storms, hail, dry climates and now resistant weeds may be typical challenges for West Texas cotton farmers, but many are finding new solutions in the latest cottonseed technologies. Both Jacob Teichroeb and Jamey Duesterhaus are achieving record high yields and clean fields with PhytoGen.

A cotton and peanut farmer, Teichroeb says PhytoGen® brand varieties with the Enlist™ cotton trait work well on his farm, based in Dawson County, Texas.

“I’m happy with the overall package PhytoGen offers,” Teichroeb says. “Good yield, good quality and the technology to stay in control of weeds.”

Before the Enlist weed control system was available, Teichroeb says the weeds had become an overwhelming problem on his farm, but they are now well-managed. At different times last season, Teichroeb sprayed both Enlist Duo® and Enlist One™ herbicides on his PhytoGen W3FE varieties, located beside peanut fields. PhytoGen W3FE varieties are not susceptible to the 2,4-DB he uses on his peanut fields.

“Both Enlist Duo and Enlist One did very well. We got excellent weed control initially, and it just went up from there. Enlist fried the weeds — we got 100 percent control,” Teichroeb says.

His best block of PhytoGen brand PHY 490 W3FE yielded slightly more than four bales per acre on the irrigated ground. He says it not only yielded and graded well, but also held together during the season.

“I didn’t have to babysit PhytoGen cottonseed. It stayed in the burr and waited until I could get there with the stripper,” he says.

A Solution for the Arid High Plains

Jamey Duesterhaus

Littlefield cotton grower Jamey Duesterhaus agrees, saying the Enlist weed control system helps him knock out weeds that reduce yields. Duesterhaus found glufosinate ineffective against glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth due to the dry climate and lack of moisture in his area. That led him to plant PhytoGen® brand PHY 490 W3FE and PHY 300 W3FE, which both have the Enlist cotton trait.

During the season he used preemergence “yellows and whites” and then sprayed Enlist Duo herbicide. The results proved to be exactly what he needed.

“You could see weeds die within hours, and kept dying — they didn’t come back. It disintegrated the pigweed. My farm was clean, and these new varieties produced,” he says.

Duesterhaus plans to switch to Enlist One herbicide this year because of the tank-mix capabilities, enabling him to reduce passes in the field. And he’s found that the Enlist™ weed control system offers an easier tank cleanout than what he’s experienced with other systems.

“I’ve sprayed resistant weeds with this product, and it works,” he says. “Every year I want to know, ‘What can I do better?’ and that’s why I’m always researching and looking for new solutions. I think PhytoGen is it.”

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