Thriving begins with the right varieties

For cotton grower Casey Jones, thriving in cotton begins with selecting the right variety for each situation. He looks for excellent yield and fiber quality, and varieties that provide trait options for excellent weed control.

“Yield is important, but quality is another huge thing we need. If you don’t have top-end quality, then you aren’t playing in the game,” the Lubbock, Texas, grower says. “We strive for quality, because that’s what makes U.S. cotton appealing — 54-to-57-cent cotton.”

To help him meet and exceed those goals, Jones plants several PhytoGen® brand varieties. On high-production acres with good irrigation, Jones likes PhytoGen brand PHY 333 WRF because of its excellent yield potential.

“It’s a very exciting variety to watch throughout the season, and we’ve had a lot of success with it the last several years,” he says.

Fighting resistant weeds
One of the biggest problems on Jones’ mind is the growing glyphosate-resistant weed population in West Texas. He’s been fighting resistant weeds for several years, and he says many growers in West Texas face even bigger resistance problems on their farms.

“We are still fighting a hard situation. I know people in train wrecks,” Jones says. “We need additional herbicide modes of action so we can have clean fields.”

As a member of the PhytoGen Horizon Network, Jones had the opportunity in 2016 to plant PhytoGen brand PHY 490 W3FE with the Enlist™ trait, which provides tolerance to a Enlist Duo herbicide – a combination of 2,4-D choline and glyphosate – and glufosinate.

“We are excited about the Enlist weed control system,” Jones said. “We need some more options for weed control. With our current program, we still have some weeds.”

Jones said PHY 490 W3FE performed well during the season, and he was excited to see its yield and fiber quality after harvest.

“It came out of the ground flying. It loaded up and took off,” Jones says. “It was fun to watch. The boll load looked great, and the cotton looked very good.”

Helping growers with eight new PhytoGen varieties
With the initial success of PHY 490 W3FE, more PhytoGen® brand varieties with both the Enlist™ cotton trait and WideStrike® 3 Insect Protection are appealing to producers who want to better manage resistant weeds and tough-to-control pests.

Two of the new 2017 varieties, PhytoGen brand PHY 220 W3FE and PHY 300 W3FE, are very early and early maturities, bred for the unique conditions of the Southwest. They join the three varieties introduced last year specifically for West Texas that provide verticillium wilt tolerance.

The remainder of the 2017 offering, ranging from early to mid and full maturities (300 and 400 series varieties), are bred to fit areas across the Cotton Belt from South Texas to the Mid-Atlantic. All these new PhytoGen varieties contain native traits that provide resistance to bacterial blight.

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