Writers Wanted To Join CottonGrower.com

Writers Wanted To Join CottonGrower.com

About The Opportunity:

CottonGrower.com is looking for people to join our team in 2019 and submit original content to our website about the U.S. cotton market. While this is an unpaid/volunteer offer, writing for CottonGrower.com is a great way to leverage your expertise to help our audience become better cotton industry professionals. We are hoping to find writers who can produce engaging articles on a regular basis. The setup is easy: simply send your articles to us by email to be published by our editorial staff. CottonGrower.com is based in Memphis, TN, but we encourage applicants from around the U.S. who can communicate online.

What You Write:

The range of subjects our writers cover is varied as you can see by looking on CottonGrower.com. We encourage all of our writers to write about the subjects they are experts in, with the general rule being that the subject relates to the U.S. cotton market/cotton production. Opinion pieces are welcome, too. Talk about your passion and spread your message.


What You Get:

By submitting an original article to CottonGrower.com you will have the opportunity to get discovered by having your original work published and read by the CottonGrower.com audience across the country. Do you already write a blog on the cotton market and/or other cotton industry subjects? By writing for CottonGrower.com, you’ll reach exponentially more readers, including exposure to nearly 8,000 newsletter subscribers and more than 7,000 followers on social media (Facebook, Twitter). Write as often (or as little) as you wish, and as long (or as short — even a few hundred words are good) as you like. There’s also no need to be a trained writer — we’ll do the editing! We encourage you to include links to articles related to your own projects and your company’s Web content. Every writer on CottonGrower.com also has their own archive of articles that includes their bio.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contributor to CottonGrower.com, please complete the form below and an editor will contact you shortly.