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Worsham is President and CEO of Cotton Incorporated.

O’Leary Announces Retirement

Cotton Incorporated’s Agricultural and Environmental Research Division manages over 400 research projects annually. In addition to being active project managers, each team member is a respected voice among their peers within their scientific disciplines. Dr. Pat O’Leary has been one of these voices for almost 20 years. She announced her intention to retire several months

Cotton Incorporated Conference Continues Successfully

I recently delivered a program update to over 750 attendees at the 15th Annual Conservation Systems Cotton & Rice Conference where Cotton Incorporated continues to be a title sponsor. This conference has experienced tremendous growth from its early days when few producers realized the benefits of conservation systems. The unique presentations pairing researchers with producers

WCS Improves Dairy Rations

Dairymen nationwide use your whole cottonseed (WCS) in feed rations. But why do they choose WCS? In trial after trial, WCS has been proven to increase both milk production and fat when it is added into the ration of dairy cows. Compared to other commonly available protein supplements, WCS is the only feedstuff with added

Accepting the Challenge

Most U.S. consumers are familiar with Under Armour. It is one of the most popular brands in athletic performance wear today. Although for years Under Armour has cotton was the enemy, the company’s consumer research revealed buyers preferred cotton, but just didn’t like the way it performed. My staff and I didn’t take this statement

Cotton Incorporated Targets Sports Apparel Market

Cotton Incorporated works to influence key fiber-buying decision makers in retail and brand manufacturing companies, showing them the benefits of choosing cotton for their apparel lines. Reminding them of cotton’s natural qualities while showcasing the added performance apparel finishing technologies created at our research facilities in Cary, NC, helps keep cotton competitive against man-made fibers.

Cotton’s 24 for 24

Not only do these tours allow brands and retailers to gain a deeper understanding of “The Fabric of Our Lives,” but they also allow Cotton Incorporated’s Account Managers to build relationships and network with key associates from these companies – thus opening the door for potential future partnerships. In an effort to increase consumer demand

Importer Support Program Farm Tours

The Importer Support Program of the Cotton Board and Cotton Incorporated recently funded two cotton farm tours for representatives from some of the world’s best known brands and retailers. These tours provided an in-depth look into the beginning phases of cotton’s supply chain and were designed to show these fashion decision-makers the great strides made

Wireless Irrigation Technology Increases Efficiency, Availability

With water use efficiency and availability becoming more critical in all aspects of production agriculture, Cotton Incorporated-funded research continues to evaluate and guide the development of cutting-edge irrigation technologies for cotton. The practical value of classic irrigation monitoring methods has typically been limited by the requirement of daily trips to the field to read the