Raven Introduces Two New Planter Section Controls

Raven has introduced two automatic planter section control systems – AccuRow and SmartRow.

Both systems improve your bottom line during planting season and at harvest, eliminating costly overlaps and skips while ensuring accuracy to maximize yields.

Raven’s CANbus technology and multi-function field computers work seamlessly with AccuRow, while the SmartRow is a great fit for the easy-to-use Cruizer guidance system.

In today’s economy, seed is an important input cost to monitor. With a GPS guided planter section control system, the user benefits from faster, more reliable and efficient planting. Automatic planter section control guarantees proper row shut off – a major advantage for end rows, point rows and contoured fields.


AccuRow and SmartRow Benefits:

  • Automatic GPS-guided on-off row section control
  • Quick return on investment
  • Create no-plant areas
  • Limit cross planting and wasted seed
  • Set field boundaries to determine acreage
  • Simple set-up and operation
  • Control up to 16 sections with AccuRow and eight sections with SmartRow
  • Compatible with most planters
  • AccuRow is an ideal fit for Viper Pro and Envizio Pro field computers
  • SmartRow is an affordable option for Cruizer guidance systems
  • Compatible with air clutches and factory-installed electric clutches

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