FiberMax Recognizes Record Number of ‘One Ton’ Growers

FiberMax One-Ton-Club

Overcoming the costliest drought in Southwest history with more than half of Texas cotton acres abandoned, a record number of FiberMax growers achieved one-ton yields during the 2011 season. Bayer CropScience recently honored 103 farmers at the seventh annual FiberMax One Ton Club awards banquet in Lubbock.
The FiberMax One Ton Club recognizes farmers who produce 2,000 pounds or more of lint cotton per acre on at least 20 acres using FiberMax cotton. This year, farmers from Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas were honored to join the club, with 410 members since the club began in 2005.
“It is our honor to recognize these farmers for their outstanding achievements, especially considering the drought and adversities they overcame last year,” said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for FiberMax cotton. “These farmers use innovative production practices and push FiberMax germplasm to reach its greatest potential. This year, a One Ton Club member produced six bales to the acre with one of our new varieties, demonstrating that these growers are continually reaching new heights in cotton production.”
According Brehmer, farmers have produced One Ton Club yields with 27 FiberMax varieties since the inception of the club. These varieties offer high yield, fiber quality and production options that fit diverse farming operations.
Click here for a video featuring Brehmer as he explains more about the One Ton Club. Click here for an interview with Jud Cheuvront, a One Ton Club grower.

One Ton Truck Winner

The banquet featured the drawing for a two-year lease on a Ford Super Duty F-350 King Ranch truck. Henry Cheuvront, a fourth-year One Ton Club member from Gaines County, Texas, won the lease. Cheuvront averaged 2,028 pounds per acre using FM 9170B2F.

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