Lock in Cottonseed Prices Now

Cotton Seed

Lower cotton acreages, a persistent Texas drought and a recent dip in cottonseed prices add up to the following advice for dairy producers who feed their cattle cottonseed: check prices now and consider locking in at reasonable prices for the remainder of 2012.

Regularly checking cottonseed prices is just good practice, says Tom Wedegaertner, Director of Agricultural Research at Cotton Incorporated. Last year, Cotton Incorporated launched the Cottonseed Marketplace to aid the process. Using one simple form at www.wholecottonseed.com producers can request quotes from multiple merchants.

Larry Johnson of Cottonseed, LLC, La Crosse, WI, suggests many cotton producers are probably not aware cottonseed prices have gone down, saying, “We saw a lot of dairies scaling back on cottonseed three years ago when prices got extremely high, and many haven’t looked into prices since.”
For more information, including reports on market conditions, feeding information and a list of suppliers, visit www.wholecottonseed.com.

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