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As my staff and I began planning our 2007 research and promotion efforts, we narrowed down six major objectives that we felt, when achieved, would most directly fulfill our stated mission of increasing the demand for and improving the profitability of cotton. Extensive and well thought-out plans accompany each of the following goals now being implemented on behalf of cotton.

Cotton Incorporated, CCI Win Top PR Award
Cotton Incorporated and their international promotion partnering organization Cotton Council International recently won top honors at the 2007 Asia Pacific PR Awards ceremony in Hong Kong for the “COTTON — BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION” initiative.
The public relations initiative was designed to convey the benefits of cotton while building demand for cotton among Chinese consumers. “We are very proud and pleased this program has been so successful at strengthening demand for cotton in this region,” says J. Berrye Worsham, president & CEO, Cotton Incorporated. “Our association with Cotton Council International strengthens our international platform for implementing consumer-directed promotions abroad, and this award sustains the effectiveness and importance of this partnership.”
The multi-faceted PR campaign incorporated a tailor-made e-newsletter called E-Cotton, as well as a dedicated Chinese-language website that experienced a 299% increase in traffic from ’06 to ’07. Cotton Council International is the export promotion arm of the National Cotton Council of America.

The six goals are:

  1. improve farm profitability through agricultural research;
  2. develop programs to differentiate U.S. cotton in the world market;
  3. meet the challenges facing cotton by other fibers in some of our key markets;
  4. enhance the company’s global presence as a voice for cotton;
  5. continue our connection with the U.S. consumer with positive messages about cotton;
  6. greatly enhance our environmental (sustainability) research and communications to both consumers and the industry.

One area where I feel cotton has great opportunity against synthetics is in the development and implementation of new technologies for performance athletic apparel. New performance finishing processes created by our textile chemists not only improve cotton’s performance, but also exceed the performance of the competition. I look forward to sharing our accomplishments in this and other areas with you in the near future.

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Trading cotton futures in the trading pit at the New York Cotton Exchange.

Robin Merlo, Cotton Incorporated, and Karin Malstrom, CCI, China, accepting the PR award for promotion activity of the year.

Worsham is President and CEO of Cotton Incorporated.

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