Cotton Incorporated Maintains The Latest Technology

Relaxation dryer

Cotton Incorporated maintains the latest textile spinning, dyeing and finishing equipment available to make sure they conduct research trials on the same equipment used by mills across the globe.

This helps them more effectively provide customer service and influence the use of cotton by those mills. One of the newest pieces of equipment is a high-efficiency Relaxation Dryer.

Mary Ankeny, Director, Dyeing Research says: “Relaxation Dryers allow us to reduce shrinkage in many knit fabrics.”

This type of dryer allows us to process fabric as it lays flat and free of tension on a vented belt while air is pushed through the fabric from above and below. Relaxation drying reduces stress imparted to the fabric from the dyeing operation – which in turn reduces shrinkage.

“This new dryer has more independent controls that allow us to also regulate air flow and create a windows-based program for future fabric processing,” concludes Ankeny.

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