Required Training for Auxin Herbicides in Arkansas Now Online

Required Training for Auxin Herbicides in Arkansas Now Online

The new, required online training program for all agricultural applicators that plan to apply Enlist Duo, Engenia or XtendiMax herbicides to Enlist or Xtend crops in Arkansas is now available.

The training is a required by new regulations from the State Plant Board: “Applications of products with this classification (XtendiMax, Enlist Duo and Engenia) shall not be made to Enlist or Xtend seed technologies without applicators first completing New Technology Certification training provided by the Cooperative Extension Service. Upon request in writing, proof of the training must be provided to the Plant Board.”


According to Ples Spradley, University of Arkansas Extension pesticide assessment specialist, visitors who have never used the University’s online training programs will need to create an account, following the directions on the site’s homepage. The program is listed as “Application Training.”

Additional information and tips for using the system – as well as contacts for questions or comments – can be found here.