USDA Report Shows 12.2 Million Acres for 2017

USDA Report Shows 12.2 Million Acres for 2017

USDA estimates 12.2 million acres of cotton will be planted in the U.S. in 2017, based on survey findings published March 31 in the 2017 Prospective Plantings report.

The overall acreage figure represents a 21% increase over 2016 cotton acres. Upland cotton is estimated at 12 million acres – also up 21% from 2016 – and Pima acres is estimated at 232,000 acres – up 19% from a year ago.According to the report, expectations of higher cotton prices in 2017 are driving growth in acres throughout the Cotton Belt.


On a state-by-state basis, 16 of the 17 cotton-producing states surveyed indicated increases ranging from no change from 2016 (Texas) to 175% of 2016 acres (Kansas). Only Florida showed an expected decrease, from 102,000 acres in 2016 to 85,000 acres for 2017.

The report is based on the results of farmer surveys conducted during the first two weeks of March. Data was collected by mail, internet, telephone, or personal interview. Updated acreage estimates will be published in USDA’s Acreage Report on June 30, based on surveys conducted in June after crop acreages have been established or planting intentions are firm.