Ag Leader Adds New Features To Direct Command

DirectCommand now interfaces to the Raven Sidekick chemical injection pump for complete control over chemical injection applications. The InSight display and CAN module will replace the Sidekick Console, directly connecting to the injection pump. Automated prime and calibration routines, as well as advanced sensor diagnostics, are part of the new direct injection module functionality. This addition can be used for herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide as well as N-Serve injection application.
DirectCommand also now has three channels of granular product control within the spreader module. Operators have the ability to apply up to three products simultaneously at varying rates either manually or using a prescription. DirectCommand simplifies spreader control by controlling the conveyor and spinner speed in addition to monitoring the bin-levels. The system reads ground speed and automatically adjusts product flow to match target application rate.
The DirectCommand spreader control systems support PWM, motorized servo, Mark IV.2, Mark IV.4 and Mark V hydraulic control valves.
“Ag Leader continues to strive to give operators the most complete application control system, meeting all of their needs with one product,” says John Howard, DirectCommand Product Manager. “DirectCommand allows operators to apply a prescribed rate of multiple products to achieve correct placement and rate of applications, while documenting the operation. Direct injection and more granular product control are two ways we are satisfying customer needs.”
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