AgLogic Launches Aldicarb Product in Georgia

AgLogic Launches Aldicarb Product in Georgia

Growers in Georgia will be able to purchase and use AgLogic 15G Aldicarb Pesticide in 2016 for nematode and early season pest control.

AgLogic Chemical, LLC, is manufacturing the product, with limited supplies expected to be commercially available beginning in March. AgLogic 15G will only be available in Georgia during 2016 and will be sold through CNI and its network of authorized dealers.


“We have worked very hard to return aldicarb to the market, and that effort has been backed with strong industry support,” says Dr. Antoine A. Puech, president and CEO of AgLogic Chemical. “It’s become obvious over the past five years that the loss of Temik has created significant pest control challenges for many growers across a wide range of crops.”

AgLogic 15G is similar to Temik in formulation and performance. The product is registered for control of nematodes, thrips, aphids, mites, whiteflies, plant bugs and other chewing and sucking pests in cotton, peanuts, soybeans, drybeans, sugarbeets and sweet potatoes.

Aldicarb has been an important and well-documented asset in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs for more than 40 years. Based on information presented at the 2011 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, the National Cotton Council estimated 2011 production losses totaled $816 million due to the absence of aldicarb that season.

“When aldicarb was available to our cotton and peanut growers as Temik 15G, it often formed the backbone of their nematode management program,” says Dr. Bob Kemerait, professor and Extension pathologist for the University of Georgia. “Today, we have a number of options available for nematode management. However, the importance, versatility and efficacy of aldicarb have not been forgotten.

“Managing nematodes is a challenge and having an aldicarb-based product available to growers provides them with an expanded arsenal of products with which to combat a very important and difficult problem.”

AgLogic is putting an enhanced product stewardship program in place for the introduction of AgLogic 15G. In addition to having a Restricted Use Applicator (RUP) license, anyone who intends to purchase, use or sell AgLogic 15G must complete an online Stewardship Certification Course administered by the company.


Source – AgLogic Chemical