April 22: Slow Rise in Planted Cotton Acreage, Reports USDA

Cotton growers in California and Arizona continued their fierce planting pace in the past week, with both states jumping at least 20 percent in planted acres in the past seven days.

Based on the April 21 USDA Crop Planting Progress Report, 60 percent of cotton acres in California have been planted, with 55 percent of Arizona’s cotton now in the ground. Both states are well ahead of last year’s pace.

Overall, ten percent of cotton acres across the Cotton Belt states have now been planted, significantly below the average for this week in 2012. Acreage in Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas and Texas showed slight increases during the past week, as growers begin to shift their planting emphasis toward cotton.

According to long term weather projections, warmer seasonal weather patterns are anticipated throughout the Cotton Belt during the coming few weeks – just in time for cotton’s traditional planting season to begin.

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