Bayer Offers Shared Risk Program for FiberMax, Stoneville Growers

Bayer Offers Shared Risk Program for FiberMax, Stoneville Growers

Bayer is helping support cotton growers and their economic sustainability through the company’s 2017 Shared Risk Program for those who plant FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed.

“It’s important for our industry to reduce the risk that growers face each season and to give them the flexibility to manage to their highest yield potential for maximum profit opportunity,” says Kerry Grossweiler, Bayer campaign manager. “The 2017 Shared Risk Program gives growers added economic confidence.”


North Carolina grower Donny Lassiter says the program support gives him and other Southeast growers more confidence to plant cotton.

“In a time where risk is a big issue in cotton production, the Shared Risk Program is a big deal in keeping acres in the ground here in the Southeast,” Lassiter says. “It’s definitely a higher-cost, higher-risk environment that we’re farming in today. With the Shared Risk Program, at least I know Bayer has got my back.”

Across the country, Texas grower Kevin Corzine shared a similar sentiment.

“The Shared Risk Program helps us in our decision-making,” Corzine says. “We can put more of that fertilizer or more of that foliar feed and everything into the crop, knowing that there’s somebody there to share that risk with us and it’s not all falling back on us. We can hope and pray for those higher yields and higher outputs for our crops, because we’ve got a program like this.”

Replant programs are an industry staple across the Cotton Belt. The Bayer Shared Risk Program includes trait and input cost protection when an Act of God forces replant, causes crop loss or – in the case of dryland production – drought causes low yield in specified ranges.

“Our goal is to provide risk protection to cotton growers who plan for success by investing in Bayer high-quality seed and traits and applying their knowledge and skills,” Grossweiler says. “When our science and their art lose a round to Mother Nature, we give them the tool they need to either start over with another crop this season or, when that’s not possible, survive to plant again the next season.”

Program details are available online at FiberMax/SharedRiskWest and Stoneville/SharedRiskEast.


Source – Bayer