Delivering Proven Performance Across the Cotton Belt

Delivering Proven Performance Across the Cotton Belt

From Cotton Grower 2017-18 Product Showcase


Choose FiberMax For Quality Performance

Finding the right variety for your field starts with FiberMax. Data shows that growers who plant FiberMax varieties see higher returns than growers who plant other varieties.

Several FiberMax varieties offer high profit potential under Southwest growing conditions, says Bayer Western Agronomic Manager Kenny Melton.

  • FM 1830GLT. Growers recognize FM 1830GLT for consistently high performance in the High and Rolling Plains of the Southwest. An excellent disease package delivers very good Verticillium wilt tolerance and resistance to bacterial blight. Look to FM 1830GLT for excellent yield potential, high gin turnout and an outstanding fiber package.
  • FM 1953GLTP. When the going gets tough, FM 1953GLTP continues to consistently deliver on its excellent yield potential and fiber quality package. Bred for harsh conditions, FM 1953GLTP shows good early-season vigor, excellent heat tolerance, and resistance to bacterial blight.
  • For limited irrigation and dryland scenarios, consider FM 2334GLT. This high-performing variety performs under disease pressure. With a pedigree similar to FM 1830GLT, this variety has slightly longer maturity, is resistant to bacterial blight and has very good tolerance to Verticillium

Efficient Pest Management for Your Field

Bayer varieties provide the proven traits growers need to effectively manage insect and weed pests. For maximum pest management efficiency, turn to the latest Bayer trait combinations: GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink Plus (GLTP) and GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink (GLT).

GLTP varieties offer full tolerance to both Liberty herbicide and glyphosate, plus three-gene protection from lepidoptera, decreasing the likelihood that additional spray applications will be needed to control worms.

GLT varieties also provide growers the tools they need to control difficult and herbicide-resistant weeds in their fields with Liberty and glyphosate, plus two-gene Bt protection to control worms.

Visit FiberMax.com for a complete lineup of varieties bred locally to perform in your region.

Overcome Pest Challenges with Proven Stoneville Performance

Growers can’t predict pest pressure or second-guess Mother Nature, but they can choose varieties bred to perform in varied situations. That’s where growers can rely on the science of Stoneville varieties to complement their management skill.

For proven pest management performance, Bayer proprietary offers a trait combination of GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink Plus (GLTP) and GlyTol LibertyLink TwinLink (GLT). Both trait packages offer full tolerance to both Liberty herbicide and glyphosate. GLTP adds three-gene protection from lepidoptera, decreasing the likelihood that additional spray applications will be needed to control worms. GLT varieties provide broad-spectrum lepidopteran insect protection.

Choose the Right Variety for Your Field

Two new varieties start with the vigor expected from Stoneville and offer the yield potential growers look for in this high-performing varieties.

ST 5020GLT. Looking for premium fiber? Look to ST 5020GLT for the best fiber package in this lineup. Bred for the Eastern Cotton Belt, ST 5020GLT starts the season with early-season vigor and standability, delivers bacterial blight resistance in-season and consistently finishes with strong yield. “Stoneville 5020GLT explodes out of the ground with exceptional early-season vigor and continues growing strong all season long,” says Jenny Cahoon, Bayer regional agronomist. “ST 5020GLT offers Bayer’s full herbicide and insect trait package, delivers excellent yield and stable fiber quality across a range of environments.”

ST 5517GLTP.  Worried about heavy worm pressure? When you choose ST 5517GLTP, you increase your opportunity for exceptional yield and decrease the chance that you’ll have to overspray for worms. ST 5517GLTP starts strong with early-season vigor and doesn’t let bacterial blight or worms get in its way on the road to a high-yielding harvest. Debbie Brown, Bayer regional agronomist, says: “We’re really impressed with the way ST 5517GLTP comes out of the ground. The medium maturity and growth pattern are great fits for this geography and our sandy soils. Growers also will benefit from the increased worm protection provided by TwinLink Plus, which has three-gene resistance to lepidoptera. The excellent performance of this trait is highly valuable, especially under heavy pressure.”

Visit Stoneville.com for a complete lineup of varieties bred locally to perform in your region.


Start Right To Finish Profitably

The First 40 Days after planting are the most critical to setting the stage for high quality, high yielding plants. The better the seedling vigor, the lower the susceptibility to stress from inadequate moisture, cool temperatures, seedling diseases and nematodes, and the higher the chance of season-long success.

That’s why every grower must deploy a good defense at planting. Growers who plant FiberMax or Stoneville seed have access to COPeO Prime nematicide, Aeris insecticide/nematicide and Trilex Advanced fungicide, which together offer multiple sites of action to control thrips and nematodes alongside essential disease protection.

This three-way seed treatment package “presents the best the industry has to offer from a seed treatment for thrips and nematode management,” says Russ Perkins, Bayer senior technical service representative.

The power of this premium seed treatment lies in the multiple sites of action it brings to the field. “The combination has two sites of action that control nematodes and two active ingredients from within Aeris that provide protection from thrips,” says Jeremiah Mullock, Bayer seedgrowth product development manager. “Trilex Advanced offers complete broad spectrum control from those key pathogens, such as Fusarium spp., Pythium and Rhizoctonia, as well as suppression of Thielaviopsis basicola,” Mullock points out.

Control Nematodes, Promote Earliness

In fields under moderate to heavy pressure from nematodes, growers can choose the convenience of Velum Total, a pre-plant, in-furrow solution. The unique combination of components in Velum Total promotes earliness in your cotton crop, helping you end the season ahead. These benefits provide growers the confidence they are getting the best return on their investment and maximizing yield with Velum Total.