Indian Company Debuts Cotton for Technical Textiles

Indian Company Debuts Cotton for Technical Textiles

A company based in South India has developed mechanically-processed cotton varieties suitable for use in absorbent technical textiles products.

To help fill the nonwovens industry’s need for new, sustainable fibers, Aruppukottai-based Jayalakshmi Enterprises has released two different types of processed cotton that can be used in nonwoven manufacturing processes such as needlepunching and hydroentangling to develop absorbent and other specialized technical textiles products.


Jayalakshmi Group has been in cotton textiles business for over five decades. Recently, they have diversified to develop cotton-based high tech products such as oil sorbents. The group has an annual turnover of about Rupees 150 crores and is developing specialized cotton yarns and allied cotton products.

“We are in the phase of diversification, and so developing cotton products that can fulfill the needs of the growing nonwovens and technical textiles sector is natural growth process for us,” stated S. Velmurugan, the general manager of Jayalakshmi Enterprises.

So far, the company has developed two types of cotton, including one high-end variety with a soft silky touch.

Chennai-based Wellgro Tech trading group will be marketing the cottons for nonwovens and technical textile sectors.

“As we are into marketing adult diapers and incontinence products, collaborating with Jayalakshmi Group is a good growth strategy for us,” stated Venkatakrishnan, founder/president of Wellgro Tech.

According to Nambi Srinivasan, marketing in-charge at Wellgro Tech, their company will be looking towards domestic nonwovens wipe manufacturers and international players as its potential customers.

Indian companies need to develop their nonwovens sector right from fibers to fully finished products that can be available at retail outlets. Such endeavors by conventional textile groups such as Jayalakshmi Group are much needed to advance the technical textiles sector in India.