Study Shows Good Job Prospects for College Grads with Ag Degrees

Agriculture was recently rated at No. 5 in a listing of the top 10 college majors with low unemployment, according to a post at the American Society for Horticultural Science website, based on a Georgetown University study.

Jobs in agricultural or natural resources fields often shift with the economy, but unemployment is still pretty low for people with these majors. The Georgetown University study pegged the rate at 7 percent for new college grads, but it dropped to 2.4 percent for those with both experience and a degree.

Some schools offer online degrees in these fields, and getting started usually only takes earning an associate degree or less.

For those interested in becoming a scientific researcher, earning a Ph.D. is often the norm. Jobs in these fields are available whether you’re the outdoorsy type or you prefer to work inside.


Source: American Society for Horticultural Science

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