Turkish Cotton Association Joins ICA

Turkish Cotton Association Joins ICA

Turkey’s Good Cotton Practices Association (IPUD) has joined the International Cotton Association.

IPUD joins Supima, the Bangladesh Cotton Association, the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers, the Spinners & Weavers Association of Korea and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association as an affiliated association of ICA and its safe trading programs.


The ICA Affiliated Association membership allows like-minded cotton associations to work together to help reinforce and support contract sanctity across all areas of the cotton supply chain.

“IPUD shares ICA’s value of promoting equitable and fair trading practices,” said Leon Picon, IPUD Chairman. “Sustainably-grown cotton should flow through trading channels that value and promote the integrity of the sector. ICA’s unrivaled leadership in the creation of a safe trading environment throughout the entire supply chain makes membership a natural fit for IPUD.”

Founded in September 2013, the Good Cotton Practices Association pursues the goal of making cotton production in Turkey better for those who grow cotton, for the environment where cotton grows and for the future of the sector. The establishment of IPUD has reinvigorated existing efforts to make cotton production in Turkey sustainable in environmental, economic and social terms by locally producing licensed “Better Cotton.”


Source – International Cotton Association