USDA Announces Cotton Board Appointments

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the appointment of 7 members, 7 alternates and one consumer advisor to the Cotton Board. All appointees will serve 3-year terms beginning Jan 1, 2013, and ending Dec. 31, 2015. In addition, Vilsack appointed one member and one alternate to fill Alabama producer positions with terms ending on December 31, 2013.

The Cotton Board Chairman, Kevin Rogers a cotton producer from Mesa, AZ, was pleased with Secretary Vilsack’s appointments saying, “The re-appointed Members and Alternates bring experience and exceptional working-knowledge of the cotton industry to the Cotton Board. I also look forward to working with the new appointees, who will surely bring a fresh perspective to our Board’s activities.“

The re-appointed members are: Kevin G. Rogers, Mesa, Arizona; George (“Teel”) T. Warbington, Vienna, Georgia; Jeffrey T. Posey, Roby, Texas; Mark Williams, Farwell, Texas; Janet C. Ydavoy, Feasterville, Pennsylvania; Sonja Chapman, Boonton, New Jersey; and John (“Jack”) E. Mathews, Pennington, New Jersey.

The re-appointed alternate members are: Adam S. Hatley, Mesa, Arizona; Benjamin O. Boyd, Sylvania, Georgia; Randy L. Braden, Midland, Texas; Linda F. Taylor, Wolfforth, Texas; Catherine B. Allen, Athens, Tennessee; Jonathan W. Brewer, LaHabra Heights, California.

The newly appointed alternate member is Charles McMurray of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin.

The appointed consumer advisor is Karen E. Kyllo of Springfield, New Jersey.

Walter L. Corcoran, Eufaula, Alabama, formerly an alternate member, was appointed to fill a producer member position. Timothy J. Mullek, Robertsdale, Alabama, was appointed to fill the Alabama alternate position.

The Cotton Research and Promotion Program is designed to advance the position of cotton in the marketplace. It is funded by assessments on all domestically produced cotton and imports of foreign-produced cotton and cotton-containing products, and is authorized by the Cotton Research and Promotion Act of 1966. USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service oversees operations of the Board.

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