Valent Introduces Seed-Applied Rizolex Fungicide

Valent Introduces Seed-Applied Rizolex Fungicide

Rizolex fungicide, manufactured by Valent U.S.A. Corporation, has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use as a seed protectant on cotton, soybeans, corn, sorghum and sugar beets.

When seed-applied as a foundational fungicide, Rizolex provides protection against a broad spectrum of soil-borne and seed/seedling diseases such as Rhizoctonia damping-off and Fusarium. The product offers a unique mode of action, helping to create a strong protective zone around the seed to enhance stand establishment and yields.


According to Karen Arthur, seed protection product development manager for Valent, the unique formulation of Rizolex creates a virtual vapor shield around the seed, providing a protective zone regardless of soil type, condition, pH level or fertilization program.

“Once a seed is put into the soil, it is in a very treacherous environment – from the soil conditions themselves to detrimental pathogens which can cause problems such as Rhizoctonia damping-off and Fusarium seeding decay,” said Arthur. “Rizolex delivers long-lasting residual at low use rates and expands the disease spectrum to provide preventative control on those pathogens.

“Rizolex has also shown exceptional control when partnered with several of our additional seed protectants, both in-development compounds and our NipsIT SUITE family of products,” she added. “We believe Rizolex has a strong future in providing growers the control they need as part of their seed protection and disease control strategy.”

For more information on Rizolex and the full Valent product line, call 800-682-5368 or visit www.valent.com.