Bayer CropScience Opens Bee Care Center

Bayer CropScience Opens Bee Care Center

Bayer CropScience has opened the Clayton Bee Care Center, a 1,200-square-foot facility which will create new approaches and solutions to benefit pollinator health and the world’s food and fiber supply.

Situated on 278 acres of land in Johnston County, NC, the Clayton Bee Care Center includes a wintering cold room and comprehensive extraction and bee hive maintenance areas to conduct research on honey bee health. The facility will house researchers and developers studying all aspects of honey bee health, including factors affecting proper crop pollination and treating and preventing diseases to create healthier hives and more.


This is the first dedicated bee care facility in Clayton, where Bayer CropScience has studied pollinator health for more than three years.

“We are proud to open our Clayton Bee Care Center, which will help ensure that the hard-working, beneficial honey bee can continue to thrive and provide pollination for foods that we enjoy each day,” said Dick Rogers, apiologist/entomologist and manager of Bayer’s North American Bee Care Center.

“Healthy pollinators are incredibly important in creating and maintaining a healthy, nutritious and sustainable food supply, and we are excited about the strides that Bayer will and is already making in protecting global bee health.”

The Clayton Bee Care Center is Bayer’s second facility dedicated to bee health. The first Bayer Bee Care Center opened at the company’s global headquarters in Monheim, Germany in 2012. A third center is expected to open in spring 2014 at Bayer’s North American headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Each facility serves to support scientific research and provide education about the importance of honey bees to agriculture. These facilities also bring together significant technological, scientific and academic resources to protect and improve honey bee health and sustainable agriculture.

Source – Bayer CropScience