MANA Launches New Miticide/Insecticide Formulation

MANA Launches New Miticide/Insecticide Formulation

MANA Crop Protection is introducing its new ABBA Ultra 0.3 miticide/insecticide, an advanced low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation providing consistent insect and mite control at half the standard use volume of current products along with improved efficacy while reducing impact on air quality.
Labeled for use on cotton, tree nuts, grapes, citrus, pome fruits, strawberries and select vegetable crops, ABBA Ultra’s modern formulation with low VOC emissions potential delivers long-lasting control against a wide spectrum of mite species and insects including the Two-spotted spider mite, Pacific mite, European red mite, Willamette spider mite, Red mite, Western grapeleaf skeletonizer, Variegated leafhopper, leafminers, leafhoppers and thrips.
Developed with advanced formulation technology, ABBA Ultra maintains superior performance and crop safety as a leading abamectin product. As one of the first of its kind, its low VOC formulation minimizes environmental concerns by reducing impact on air quality. This advantageous characteristic is a result of the product’s new concentrated formula which is used at exactly half the rate of standard abamectins.
“Although EC-based formulations are effective in delivering mite control, continued use in states like Californial may decline due to pending changes in regulations,” says Dave Downing, product manager with MANA Crop Protection, in Raleigh, NC. “It is anticipated that the industry will be lessening its dependence on EC formulations and replacing them with clean air compliant alternatives like ABBA Ultra.”

Filling the void


Testing and development of new formulation discoveries has become a priority within MANA Crop Protection’s research group. According to Downing, his company’s new proprietary formulations are performing equal to, or in some cases better than the previous higher VOC formulations while meeting stringent regulatory guidelines. MANA Crop Protection plans to launch several new formulations of proven products currently in their portfolio by 2013.
“ABBA Ultra is available for the 2012 season and has characteristics that secure continued use of the abamectin chemistry,” he says. “ABBA Ultra’s higher concentration of active ingredient generates the same high performance in mite control as before, but with reduced amounts of formulated product per acre and enhanced air quality features, with lower VOC emissions. And in geographies where growers may be limited in product choices, method of applications and desired application timing due to the pending regulatory restrictions, ABBA Ultra is a welcomed solution.”

Less is more

With reduced formulated product per acre, growers who use ABBA Ultra this season also gain ground by having less material to store and manage alongside less container waste. MANA Crop Protection, the manufacturer of this latest offering, reports that ABBA Ultra offers the same time-tested unique mode of action common to abamectin products which is an integral part of a miticide resistance management program.
“As growers prepare for the upcoming season, the time is now for them to consider new formulations that can help win the war against mites,” Downing says. “ABBA Ultra delivers the convenience of flexible timing and application methods when pests are at their greatest threat.”
MANA Crop Protection encourages growers to learn more about ABBA Ultra by visiting their new mite management website at www.miteexperts.com.