New Webcast Shows Use and Value of On-Farm Data

New Webcast Shows Use and Value of On-Farm Data

A new webcast explaining how consolidated farm-level data can help drive cotton production and marketing decisions has been added to the Focus on Cotton online series from the Plant Management Network and Cotton Incorporated.

Field observations and data have always been a critical part of agriculture. However, the widespread adoption of data collection – and real-time analytics by industry leaders and local growers alike – illustrates the maturation of big data in agriculture and its increasing importance for local and regional decision making.


The webcast – titled “Capturing Value from Precision Agriculture Data: Big Data in Ag” – is presented by Terry Griffin, cropping systems economist at Kansas State University. The 32-minute presentation will help cotton consultants, growers, and other practitioners understand how consolidated farm-level data will be increasingly used to identify trends, drive pricing structures, and help growers set best practices.

During the webcast, Griffin provides insights into how the widespread adoption and utilization of big data in agriculture will increase the importance of broadband access; impact farmland productivity and long-term value; revolutionize cotton growers’ pre-planting decision making; increase the need for inter-industry cooperation; and shift power to data storage providers.

This webcast is part of the Focus on Cotton series made available by the Plant Management Network and Cotton Incorporated. The Focus on Cotton series contains more than 35 webcasts on various aspects of cotton crop management, including agronomic practices, crop protection and ag engineering. The presentations are accessible online at any time.

The resource also features a newly improved Cotton Extension Search tool, where users can conveniently search for extension resources across all U.S. land-grant universities serving cotton producers.


Source – The Cotton Board