Mississippi 2016 Variety Trial Results Now Available Online

Mississippi 2016 Variety Trial Results Now Available Online

Data for the 2016 Mississippi Cotton Official Variety Trial (OVT) program and for the On-Farm Cotton Variety Trials has been collected, analyzed, and complied for publication, announced Darrin Dodds, Mississippi State Extension cotton specialist.

The reports summarizing the OVT data and the on-farm trial data are both available online.


“Small plot OVT trials were conducted in 10 locations in 2016 with plots consisting of two rows that were 35-40 feet in length depending on location,” says Dodds. “All trials were treated conventionally with respect to herbicides. In addition, two applications of Prevathon were made at all locations in order to conduct a fair comparison between conventional and Bt varieties.”

On-farm variety trials were conducted at a total of 17 locations in 2016. A total of eight locations were in the Delta, all of which were irrigated. Nine locations were in the Hills – one of which was irrigated. With the exception of one location, all trials contained at least two replications and, in some cases, three replications.

Trials were planted and harvested using grower-owned equipment, and each replicate was at least 4 to 6 rows wide depending on picker set-up. In addition, replicates were at least 500 feet long and, in some cases, more than 3000 feet in length.

“On-farm variety trials are designed to provide yield data that was determined from real world situations,” states Dodds. “Users are encouraged to compare small plot OVT data and large plot on-farm data when making variety selection decisions.”