Texas Grower Enjoys Certified FiberMax Program Advantages

Texas Grower Enjoys Certified FiberMax Program Advantages

Southwest cotton grower Tullie Struve of Olton, Texas, markets his cotton through CropMark Direct, one of the three exclusive marketing partners of the Certified FiberMax Cotton program.

Located in Lubbock, Texas, CropMark Direct helps growers receive maximum value and market access for their Certified FiberMax Cotton through overseas partnerships with spinning mills and cotton brokers who demand reliable, high-quality cotton.


“With the majority of spinning mills overseas, that’s where our market is, and CropMark Direct is going out and promoting our Certified FiberMax Cotton to these customers,” Struve said. “They market our cotton so that mills recognize it by name, and mills recognize it as quality cotton.”

This marketing advantage gives Struve the confidence to focus on what he does best – producing consistently high-yielding, high-quality FiberMax cotton. He farms about 1,500 hundred acres of irrigated cotton, with more than 90 percent planted to FiberMax.

This year, he planted FM 9180B2F and FM 9170B2F and usually aims for three bales an acre. With good weather, he sees even higher yields, a trend that has been on the increase in the Southwest since FiberMax was introduced more than a decade ago.

“When we first tried FiberMax, we could tell immediately that it was great cotton. Our yields increased right away, and on the quality end, FiberMax has always been extremely good,” Struve said. “FiberMax is more storm-proof, and it has proven quality and yields, so we’ve stuck with it through the years.”

Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for FiberMax cotton, said the consistent performance of FiberMax, combined with the Certified FiberMax program, gives growers an edge with both profitability and marketability.

“We want FiberMax growers to get the best yields and quality that they can produce and to have the tools they need to maximize market access,” Brehmer said. “By utilizing the Certified FiberMax program with merchandizing partners like CropMark Direct, we believe FiberMax growers get an advantage in the field and in the competitive international market.”

Growers can get more information on the Certified FiberMax Cotton program or register their bales by going to www.certifiedfibermax.com.