Bed Sheets Furor Hits Cotton Industry

Bed Sheets Furor Hits Cotton Industry

From Bloomberg.com comes an extensive analysis of the ongoing controversy regarding sheets branded and marketed as top-quality Egyptian cotton, when, in reality, they were found to be blended with lower quality cotton.

As the article states, the discovery has “undermined trust in a global luxury product and set off a salvo of class-action lawsuits that have created a king-sized public relations challenge for the Indian textiles industry and the U.S. companies it supplies.”


At the center of the furor is Welspun India, Ltd., supplier of the bed sheets to retailers like Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond. The company now faces three lawsuits over the product deception. Target cut ties with Welspun in July and offered refunds to customers who had purchased the sheets. Walmart has also offered refunds, but now finds itself the target of a similar lawsuit.

The core of the problem is a shortage of Egyptian cotton – due to falling production because of reduced government subsidies – and the widespread use of blending among textile manufacturers.

The full text of the article can be found here.