Cotton Board Releases 2015 Annual Report

Cotton Board Releases 2015 Annual Report

The Cotton Board’s 2015 Annual Report is now available online.

The report features a letter from California cotton producer Aaron Barcellos, who served as The Cotton Board’s 2015 chairman. In his letter, Barcellos says, “The objectives of the Cotton Research and Promotion Program are to strengthen cotton’s competitive position and to maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets and uses for cotton by developing, funding, and implementing a coordinated plan of research and promotion. The Cotton Board is responsible for providing strategic leadership and oversight of the economic resources devoted to the Program.”


The report contains 2015 budget/financial information, as well as Cotton Board highlights from the year. A listing of The Cotton Board’s Members and Alternates is also included.

The Cotton Board’s annual report is produced in a digital format in an effort to reduce costs and save paper. If you would prefer to receive a copy of the report in print or DVD format, please contact Stacey Gorman at sgorman@cottonboard.org or 870-226-1445.


Source – The Cotton Board