Cotton Inc. Urges Grower Input for Natural Resource Survey

Cotton Inc. Urges Grower Input for Natural Resource Survey

Cotton Incorporated is urging U.S. cotton growers to participate in an online Natural Resource Survey to collect data to help direct industry efforts to improve and promote U.S. cotton’s sustainability.

“Cotton LEADS is our joint sustainability program with the Australian cotton industry, and its success is dependent on the metrics that are developed to document the improvements that have taken place in agriculture,” explained Cotton Incorporated’s Berrye Worsham and Kater Hake, in a message to growers. “Some of these metrics are available through government agencies, but we must augment public data with additional sources.


“Cotton Incorporated will use the summarized data to both enhance our promotions of U.S. cotton and to direct future research,” they continued. “We want to show to the global textile industry, brands, retailers and consumers the true extent of U.S. cotton’s reduced environmental footprint, as well as convey the key technologies and practices that are leading to further gains.”

The survey – available on the Cotton Incorporated website – should take no more than 20 minutes to complete. All growers who have production responsibility for a cotton farming operation may participate. Individual responses will not be tracked, and all input will remain anonymous.

The cut-off date for participation is April 10.

Any questions about the survey can be directed to Cotton Incorporated at agsurvey@cottoninc.com.


Source – Cotton Incorporated