Email Still A Management Chore

Email Still A Management Chore

I was not particularly surprised — maybe even a bit comforted — with the responses to our recent reader poll asking you to characterize how well you think you manage email day in and day out.

About 20% of you feel you manage email "very well," while nearly 40% feel they do it "reasonably well." Another 30% are "not doing it as well as they would like." Happily, only 10% of you characterized your email management as a train wreck in the making.


I am somewhere between reasonably well and not as well as I would like. I think I need to respond more quickly and organize things better. Too often I need to rely on the sloppy search function to unearth obscure but important messages. Maybe by the time I have it right, the next big thing will come along supplant email. Oh well, the joys of technology ….