Experienced Leaders to Guide NCC in 2021

The impact of COVID-19 on National Cotton Council programs and leadership activities during 2020 has led to a deja-vu of sorts with the newly-elected – and mostly re-elected – organization leaders for 2021.

Here’s the leadership rundown for the NCC and its affiliated organizations following the 2021 Annual Meeting.


National Cotton Council

Kent Fountain, a ginner from Surrency, GA, was re-elected NCC chairman for 2021. Ted Schneider, a producer from Lake Providence, LA, was re-elected vice chairman for 2021.

Jay Cowart (Altus, OK) was elected as a NCC vice president, while Jordan Lea (Greenville, SC), Robin Perkins (Sanford, NC), Kirk Gilkey (Corcoran, CA), Kevin Brinkley and Robert Lacy, Jr. (both from Lubbock, TX) were re-elected as vice presidents.

Barry Evans (Kress, TX) was re-elected as secretary-treasurer.

Elected to the NCC Board of Directors for 2021 were:

  • Producers – Rusty Darby (Chester, SC), Jason Condrey (Lake Providence, LA), Doyle Schniers (San Angelo, TX), Dan Thelander (Maricopa, AZ), Mark McKean (Riverdale, CA)
  • Ginners – Drake Perrow (Cameron, SC), Curtis Stewart (Spade, TX), George LaCour (Morganza, LA), Gene Seal (Pima, AZ), Gary Feist (Anthony, KS)
  • Warehousers – Donald Robinson (Garner, NC), Joe Tillman (Cordova, TN), Eric Wanjura (Lubbock, TX), Coalter Paxton, III (Wilson, NC), Robert Swize (Corpus Christi, TX)
  • Merchants – Raymond Faus (Plano, TX), Bobby Walton (Memphis, TN), Joe Nicosia, William Barksdale and Jeff Johnson (all from Cordova, TN)
  • Cottonseed – Fred Serven (Chattanooga, TN), Paul Scruggs (Overland Park, KS), Sammy Wright (Tifton, GA), Austin Rose (Altus, OK), Jerrod Drinnon (Lubbock, TX)
  • Cooperatives – Keith Lucas (Lubbock, Texas), Henry N. Reichle, Jr. (Greenwood, MS), Paul Bush (Glendale, AZ), Wayne Boseman (Garner, NC), Reid Nichols (Altus, OK)
  • Manufacturers – Anderson Warlick and James Martin (both from Gastonia, NC), Mike Quinn (Sanford, NC), William Bowen, Jr. (Inman, SC), Marc Doyon (Stamford, CT)

Re-elected as NCC staff officers were:

  • Gary Adams, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Marjory Walker, Vice President, Council Operations
  • Jody Campiche, Vice President, Economics and Policy Analysis
  • Reece Langley, Vice President, Washington Operations
  • John Gibson, Vice President, Member Services
  • Harrison Ashley, Vice President, Ginner Services

Newly-elected to the NCC staff are Don Parker, Vice President, Technical Services; and Tas Smith, Vice President, Producer Affairs.


Cotton Council International

Ted Sheely, a producer from Lemoore, CA, was elected president of Cotton Council International (CCI) for 2021.

CCI is the National Cotton Council’s (NCC) export promotion arm and carries out programs in more than 50 countries globally under the COTTON USA trademark.

Sheely is president of Azcal Management Company, farming 7,800 total acres of multiple crops of which 20% is planted to upland and Pima cotton. He has been active in both CCI and the NCC, and currently is serving as a NCC advisor and as co-chair of its NCC’s Pink Bollworm Action Committee. He also has been California chairman of the NCC’s American Cotton Producers and is a former chairman of Cotton Incorporated and current chairman of Supima.

Other 2021 CCI officers elected are:

  • First Vice President – Carlos Garcia (Lubbock, TX)
  • Second Vice President – Steve Dyer (Cordova, TN)
  • Chairman – Richard Clarke, III (Cordova, TN)
  • Secretary – Gary Adams (Cordova, TN)
  • Assistant Secretary – Bruce Atherley (Washington DC)
  • Treasurer – Lee Cromley (Brooklet, GA)

Elected as a 2021 CCI director was Phillip Edwards, III, a producer from Smithfield, VA. Re-elected as 2021 CCI directors were:

  • Producers – Neal Isbell (Muscle Shoals, AL), John Lindamood (Tiptonville, TN), Richard Gaona (Roby, TX), Craig Heinrich (Lubbock, TX), Matthew Hyneman (Jonesboro, AR), Paul Ollerton (Casa Grande, AZ)
  • Ginners – George LaCour (Morganza, LA), Curtis Stewart (Spade, TX)
  • Merchants – John King (Helena, AR), Philip Bogel, II and Tim North (both from Dallas, TX), Ernst Schroeder, Jr. (Bakersfield, CA), William Barksdale (Cordova, TN)
  • Cooperatives – Frederick Barrier (Greenwood, MS), Carlo Bocardo (Bakersfield, CA), Donald Robinson (Garner, NC)
  • Cottonseed – James Massey (Harlingen, TX)
  • Warehouseman – Vance Shoaf, (Milan, TN)
  • Manufacturers – Robin Perkins (Sanford, NC), Davis Warlick (Charlotte, NC)


National Cotton Ginners Association

Curtis Steward, a ginner from Spade, TX, was re-elected president of the National Cotton Ginners Association for 2021.

Also re-elected as NCGA officers were:

  • First Vice President – George LaCour (Morganza, LA)
  • Second Vice President – Gene Seale (Pima, AZ)
  • Third Vice President – Richard Lindsey (Centre, AL)
  • Chairman – Wes Morgan (New London, NC).

Harrison Ashley of Cordova, TN, serves as NCGA’s executive vice president.


American Cotton Producers

Mark McKean of Riverdale, CA, was re-elected chairman of the American Cotton Producers (ACP) of the National Cotton Council (NCC) for 2021.

Elected as an ACP vice chairman was David Dunlow (Gaston, NC). Re-elected as ACP vice chairmen were Mark Nichols (Altus, OK) and Nathan Reed (Marianna, AR) were re-elected as ACP vice chairmen.

Elected as an ACP producer director for the Southeast was Rusty Darby (Chester, SC). Re-elected as producer directors were Jason Condrey (Lake Providence, LA) for the Mid-South, Doyle Schniers (San Angelo, TX) for the Southwest, and Dan Thelander (Maricopa, AZ) for the Far West. McKean will serve as ACP at-large director.

ACP state producer chairmen for 2021 are:

  • Alabama – Nick McMichen (Centre) and Shep Morris, Sr. (Shorter)
  • Arizona – Jerry Rovey and K.C. Gingg (both from Buckeye)
  • Arkansas – Terry Pollard (Greenway)
  • California – Gary Martin (Firebaugh)
  • Florida – Nick Marshall (Baker)
  • Georgia – Matt Coley (Vienna) and Chad Mathis, Jr. (Arlington)
  • Kansas – Stuart Briggeman (Pratt)
  • Louisiana – Heath Herring and Russell Ratcliff, III (both from St. Joseph)
  • Mississippi – Ted Kendall, IV (Bolton)
  • Missouri/Illinois – Chris Porter (Essex, MO)
  • New Mexico – Dean Calvani (Carlsbad)
  • North Carolina – Brad Warren (Faison) and Rob Fleming, Jr. (Zebulon)
  • Oklahoma – Steve King (Hydro) and Phil Bohl (Faxon)
  • South Carolina – James Johnson (Mayesville) and Daniel Baxley (Dillon)
  • Tennessee/Kentucky – John Lindamood (Tiptonville, TN)
  • Texas – Jon Whatley (Odem), Richard Gaona (Roby), Brent Nelson (Sudan) and Stacy Smith (Wilson)
  • Virginia – Paul Rogers (Wakefield)