Indian Textile Industry Aims to Reach $650 Billion by 2025

Indian Textile Industry Aims to Reach $650 Billion by 2025

Using a “Farm to Foreign” slogan, Mr. Narendra Modi, Honorable Prime Minister of India, has challenged the country’s textile industry to reach a target of US$650 billion by 2025.

Speaking during Textiles India-2017 – the country’s largest-ever textile meeting – in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India on June 30, the Prime Minister heralded the strength and capacity of the Indian textile industry, sharing industry statistics and outlining the opportunities for the sector. He also stressed the need to increase exports to help meet the 2025 goal.


Speed, scale and quality are necessities for Indian textiles to compete against countries like China, said the Prime Minister. Innovation and research are needed to meet the demands of consumers in other countries, as culture, lifestyle and fashion trends are different. He also emphasized some specific areas, such as organic dyes, which need attention.

The Ministry of Textiles, Government of India organized the three-day event, which attracted a large technical audience and general public. More than 1,000 exhibitors and 15,000 registered buyers/delegates from many different countries attended.