Intrepid Trio: Naturally Balanced Nutrition in Every Granule

From Cotton Grower 2017-18 Product Showcase

Intrepid Trio: Naturally Balanced Nutrition in Every Granule



Intrepid Trio is natural langbeinite, a unique mineral with three essential nutrients comprised of 22% potassium (K2O), 11% magnesium (Mg), and 22% sulfur (S) as sulfates. Trio provides extremely low chloride potassium (3% or less) and neutral pH fertilizer with the benefit of sulfur and magnesium in the same ratio in each granule.

The potassium in Intrepid Trio is immediately available to the cotton plant for utilization in the key uptake period from flowering to boll development. Potassium aids the cotton plant in several vital functions, including increased water use efficiency, enzyme activation, nutrient regulation and helping the plant to resist crop diseases and pests.

Intrepid Trio is the preferred magnesium source to address deficiencies that often occur in sandy, acidic soils where heavy potassium fertilizer rates are applied. This deficiency is noted by a purplish color between the veins on older cotton leaves. Acidic soils with high annual rainfall will respond best to a readily available magnesium fertilizer like Intrepid Trio.

The sulfate form of sulfur found in Trio is the only form of sulfur readily available to plants. Adequate sulfur nutrition assists the cotton plant through enhancing the height and number of vegetative branches.

Intrepid Trio readily dissolves in the soil slowly, reducing the risk of leaching and provides long-lasting potassium, magnesium, and sulfur that is immediately available to the cotton plant and an important part of your naturally balanced fertilizer program.

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