MANA and Monsanto Extend Roundup Ready PLUS Agreement

Cotoran 4L, Direx 4L and Pyrimax 3.2L cotton herbicides will remain part of the Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions platform through 2016, thanks to a recently announced extension of the collaboration between MANA and Monsanto.

In 2014, cotton growers following Roundup Ready PLUS recommendations for glyphosate-resistant and tough-to-control weeds will receive a $2.00 per acre incentive when using Cotoran 4L, Direx 4L and Pyrimax 3.2L. The MANA/Monsanto partnership will expand into Texas and Arizona in 2014, as well as continue to provide residual herbicide options for Southeast and Delta cotton farmers.


For effective resistance management in cotton, experts advise growers to approach every field proactively and use a residual herbicide at the ideal time for peak product performance. Dave Downing, MANA brand leader, said combating resistance requires a systematic approach in overlapping residual herbicide applications with multiple modes of action, starting at pre-plant/pre-emergence, followed by post-emergence through layby.

“Today, if a field is infested with glyphosate-resistant pigweed, a cotton crop can’t be successfully grown or harvested without season-long use of residual inputs,” said Downing. “Fortunately, some of the best solutions for weed resistance are readily available in proven, time-tested chemistries, including Cotoran, Direx and Pyrimax.”

Applied pre-emergence, Cotoran 4L provides economical control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds, especially glyphosate-resistant Palmer pigweed. It offers up to two and a half weeks of residual activity and can be tank mixed with other herbicides to broaden control.

Direx 4L is the preferred diuron product for Roundup Ready PLUS and one of the best known herbicide performers against glyphosate-resistant Palmer pigweed and marestail (horseweed). It can be applied as a pre-plant, pre-emergence or post-directed application from six-inch cotton to layby and can provide up to three and a half weeks of residual activity.

Pyrimax 3.2L is a popular glyphosate-resistance management tool that can be applied pre-emergence or post-emergence. Pyrimax 3.2L is proven to control a wide spectrum of weeds including Palmer pigweed, and is the preferred tank mix partner with Cotoran 4L to broaden control on fields showing signs of resistance.

The Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions program provides effective, economical and sustainable weed management options for farmers. Monsanto developed the program in conjunction with leading academics and industry partners to help farmers improve control of tough-to-manage and glyphosate-resistant weeds.

The Roundup Ready PLUS website includes weed management recommendations and resources by crop and by geography, including the use of residual herbicides that provide multiple modes of action for controlling tough weeds. Program details are also available at

Source – MANA