NC Check-Off Vote Set for April 1

NC Check-Off Vote Set for April 1

No fooling!

According to the Stanly News & Press, the North Carolina Cotton Producers Association has set April 1 as the date for the state’s cotton growers to vote to continue the assessment, or “check-off,” on cotton for another six-year period.


The check-off program allows North Carolina cotton producers to assess themselves to provide funds to pay for improvements in cotton production, marketing and research and to promote the general interests of North Carolina’s cotton industry. Although the referendum authorizes an assessment up to $1 per bale, the NCCPA board plans to continue at the current level of $.80 per bale.

All North Carolina cotton producers who planted cotton in 2015 – and who intend to plant cotton in 2016 – are eligible to vote in the referendum by going to their county office of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on April 1.