NCC Applauds Pruitt EPA Confirmation

NCC Applauds Pruitt EPA Confirmation

The National Cotton Council praised the Senate confirmation of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as the new EPA Administrator.

Pruitt was sworn in soon after the 52 to 46 confirmation vote.


NCC Chairman Ronnie Lee, a Bronwood, GA, cotton producer said, “I look forward to the day very soon that farmers can spend more time producing crops and less time worrying about how to comply with onerous, overly burdensome regulations and doing paperwork. The cotton industry looks forward to working with Administrator Pruitt as he leads EPA in a way to help ensure a safe and healthy environment alongside a strong and viable agricultural sector.”

Lee noted that Pruitt has been a tireless critic of some of EPA’s regulations and has promised to revamp the agency.

“We hope that President Trump and Administrator Pruitt act on the President’s campaign promises regarding certain regulations, and ensure the agency is making decisions based on sound, peer-reviewed science rather than based on public opinions,” Lee said.


Source – National Cotton Council